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Unit 8, Glynneath Village Workshops, Glynneath, SA11 5RS
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Unit 8, Glynneath Village Workshops, Glynneath, SA11 5RS
0800 1950 466
Opening Hours
Mon - Fri 8.00-17.00

Our Services

We at Vale Memorials strive to produce individual Memorials for our customers and their loved ones. We train in order to hone our skills; skills that have their beginnings in ancient times. These fundamental skills help us use new technology wisely to produce individual memorials for individuals.

We believe that our loved ones should have a memorial designed for them by experienced craftspeople who understand stone and know how to work it to produce beautiful memorials.

Custom Made Angel Design

New Memorials

We offer a wide range of memorials in a variety of colours and finishes. We also design and create memorials to a customer’s particular requirements. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice.

New memorials cover a huge range of possible sizes, materials, colours and shapes. We have and extensive catalogue (just follow the links) and we are happy to work with you to design a fitting tribute to your loved one. Often the size and sometimes the material and design is set out in the regulations of the Church, Chapel or cemetery. These regulations must be adhered to and it is rare to gain a dispensation to make a memorial that is significantly at variance with these regulations.

All memorials must conform to the particular requirements of the burial authority, we can advise you on this.

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When a memorial falls into disrepair we as memorial masons have a range of responsibilities. Above all we must ensure that future cemetery users and staff will not be endangered and that the memorial complies with British Standard 8415 and industry standards. If, for instance, a customer wants to re-gild or clean a memorial but does not want to address the safety issues with the memorial we at Vale will not undertake that work. Obviously there have been times when we have been forced to turn away work as public safety should never be compromised in favour of profits. Having said this, we have completed many renovations and regularly transform the appearance of memorials whilst ensuring ongoing safety and stability.

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Bespoke Designs

High quality design and artwork can make a fitting tribute to a loved one’s life into a celebration of a life. We at Vale memorials are proud of the memorials we produce and the ornamentation that we know makes all the difference to the bereaved.

We at Vale make good design central to our approach to making exceptional memorials. We have a wealth of experience in memorial design. These are original one off memorials designed in discussion with our customers. This could mean a very specific ornamentation like a portrait or a completely new design of memorial altogether. Whatever the design we will use the best craftsmen and women working in our industry to produce a beautiful and lasting tribute of love for you and your family.

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We at Vale Memorials are skilled lettering designers. Even though the methods used to produce inscriptions have evolved over the centuries, we know that the basis of any inscription is the hand drawn, hand carved lettering. It is this knowledge that ensures that our customers have inscriptions that are not only beautiful they are also long lasting and legible.

We care about inscriptions very much here at Vale Memorials because this is an area where a lack of attention to detail can be very costly indeed. We at Vale Memorials design an inscription from the point of view of a letter carver. We need to know that the inscription is clear and legible (not always the same things by the way), that there is enough room left for the intended number of additional inscriptions and that flowers and other components like vases and tributes do not obstruct the lettering. Failure to plan ahead could mean significant expense in years to come. It is our job to avoid those problems by thinking ahead and planning for the possible future development of the memorial.

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Verses and Texts

It can of course be difficult finding the right words for an inscription, especially so for someone’s memorial. The words that you place on a memorial should be personal and thoughtful. Here are some inspiring and useful quotes to help you find the right words for your loved one.

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